Mertxe Hernández began her professional career in the world of fashion after graduating in fashion design. She created her own brand for women, M T X , based in the Born district of Barcelona.

After years of professional experience, she now turns to the visual arts, studiing Fine Arts in the Universitat de Barcelona and presents her first solo exhibition in Barcelona at the H2O Gallery.

In "Breaking out” I present a set of works, between painting and sculpture. The pieces are a reflection on the procedural development of painting, redefining traditional forms from the same critique to the norms and preset behaviors of artistic perception, while taking into account the material element and use a restricted chromatic range.

With this creative task I am playing with emptiness, leaving the frame and occupying other spaces, experimenting with the tension and the elasticity that the textile contributes and incorporating living stories with objects trouvé.

Working in this manner has led me to empty the frame of the canvas and leave it in its skeletal form, revealing another view point and another experience in which, the frame goes from being a support, to being a complement fulfiling it´s meaningful potential

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