Ovals _ April 2016

Recycling, tension, stockings, nylon, reuse, invisible, transparency, resistance, holes, elasticity, softness.

Ovals is an artwork that consists of a set of eyes formed through seven works, and this is the seventh.

In these works we see what is visible, but what interests me most is not that what is invisible at first glance, since the reverse s¡de of the work can have a different meaning.

I want to show another view of how the interaction works together with the images of this publication, I want to redirect the gaze of the viewer.

Oval is an artistic creation falling between the fields of painting and sculpture. It is an interdisciplinary work. I manipulate tights which are randomly damanged from normal use and re-stretch them to create a new tension. The material is elastic and forms shapes that I want, now recycled tights become a a drawing

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